?Will your relationship end in marriage

Not all romantic relationships lead to marriage, but you can get much information by scanning your birth chart.

Passionate relationships are vital in life, and it is better to say that satisfaction with a love life is critical. In the past, many marriages could occur traditionally, and people sometimes even married without knowing each other. Still, the complexity of today’s world has made people prefer to experience an emotional relationship first. Then when the parties to the relationship are satisfied enough, They come to prepare for a romantic marriage.

Let’s talk about combinations in the birth chart that can indicate that your romantic relationship will end in marriage.

To understand these things, we must first refer to the responsible planets and houses in the birth chart and remember their role in relationships and marriage.

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What planets play an essential role in the issue of love and marriage in the birth chart?

⭕ Venus: Venus is the planet of beauty, love, and relationship. This planet generally shows the relationship status in the chart, but in the birth chart of a gentleman, it indicates (spouse in men birth chart).

⭕mars: This planet represents your courage, hard work, and sexuality.

⭕ Jupiter: It shows your wisdom and luck in life. Jupiter represents the husband in the chart of women.

⭕ Moon: This planet symbolizes emotions and mental conditions in the birth chart.

⭕ Mercury: This planet represents your intelligence and communication approach.

⭕ Rahu: Rahu indicates your strange and somewhat unusual reactions in the relationship.

Planets and houses play significant roles in your love life but,f you need more details, you may look at the 5th and 7th house in the birth chart because these two indicate your deep pattern for communicating with your partner.


Let’s talk about some of the most critical aspects of these houses.

⭕ 5th house: This house represents your feelings, creativity, thinking, and views on love issues.

To be able to check the relationship in the birth chart, we must see what the Conditions of the lord of the 5th house are is in, the placement of the lord of this house in other houses, or connection with the lord of other houses, such as Ascendant can indicate different issues in your love life. How you look at love is determined by the planets in this house. If Venus-Mars is conjucted as a combination in your birth chart, let’s think that Venus is lord of the 5th house and Mars is lord of the 8th house, conjunct each other. This combination can indicate a love relationship with passion, enthusiasm, and excitement. Also, because the 8th house is effective in this combination, it shows that sexual satisfaction plays a significant role in this relationship.

Another way you can check these combinations in your birth chart is to see what planets are in the 5th house. For example, I have seen in many charts I have reviewed that Mercury in the 5th house shows a person’s desire for a verbal and intellectual connection. It shows that the moon in the 5th house shows that the person is interested in supporting his love in a motherly way.


7th house: This house represents marriage and any partnership.

Planets placement in the 7th house or its lord can show the person’s marriage type. By examining the 7th house, we can understand whether the marriage is romantic or traditional. Planets placed in the 7th house also show essential issues about your marriage. For example, Saturn in the 7th house shows that you may get married at an old age. The placement of Rahu can indicate an unconventional form of marriage in your birth chart.

By Checking all the factors in the house of marriage, i.e., the 7th house, we can understand whether you will have a romantic marriage.

⭕ What combinations in the birth chart show romantic marriage?

In Vedic Astrology, we can consider love relationships and marriage separately. The 5th house represents romantic relationships, and the 7th house represents marriage. And naturally, the connection between these two houses can be one of the signs of a romantic marriage.

This combination may occur in various forms, and we mention some of them here.

Placement of the lord of the 5th house and the 7th house together in the same house

Placement of the lord of the 5th house in the 7th house or vice versa

The common opinion between the 5th and 7th house lord

⭕ other issues are also important.

As you know, the birth chart is an intelligent whole. When we talk about intelligence, it means that everything that in your birth chart can examine in the subjects is already in the birth chart, and we have to go to it for examination. One of the essential things in any birth chart is the 1st house of the chart. The first house and its lord are you. This house indicates your desires and personality. We must examine the things in this house before discussing love and marriage. Sometimes the placement of the 1st house lord in the 7th house can indicate a traditional consanguineous marriage in a person’s birth chart.

Five example combinations indicate romantic marriage in the birth chart.

⭕ Mars-Venus: One of the combinations that can show marriage with high love is Venus and Mars. Here the high energy of Mars combines with the emotional inclinations of Venus and shows fiery passion. Of course, it is significant that this combination appears in which house of the birth chart and under what conditions.

⭕ Lord Ascendant, if placed in connection with the lord of the 5th house, can indicate a romantic marriage. If Venus is present in this combination, It gives more severity to this potential.

⭕ Moon-Venus should be placed in the fifth house in a good tower.

⭕ The lord of the 5th house should be next to the lord of the 11th house while it is aspected by Jupiter.

⭕ Venus is about to be placed in the 7th house while receiving the aspect of Jupiter.


When will the marriage take place?

To reach the time potential of marriage, you must examine all the above combinations. But the double transit of Saturn-Jupiter from the house of marriage can be a strong potential for marriage. Also, the Activation of Dasha, lord of the marriage house or the house of relationship, can represent the potential of this event. The Dasha of Venus and Jupiter also has significant potential for this.

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